Want to make the most out of your stay in Rotterdam?

Hostel De Mafkees welcomes you. If you’re looking for budget accommodation within walking distance from the Rotterdam city centre and train station: look no further. You just stumbled across one of the biggest and cheapest hostels in town.
Being big doesn’t just mean we offer lots of beds – which we do. On top of that however, we  offer a spacious building with lots of features to keep yourself busy on those rainy days. Chill out in our comfy couches, grab a beer at our bar, shoot some pool, visit the stores: it’s all there.
Not much for staying in? Go explore Rotterdam! We are part of Use-it and made it our business to know as much about what’s going on in Rotterdam as possible. Fortunately for you, we make handy pocket sized booklets, do-it-yourself tours and maps which we can give you…for free!

Hostel De Mafkees: your home base in Rotterdam!

What was and is
Although Hostel De Mafkees is brand new – open since July 2013 -, it’s history dates back further. For the last 11 years De Mafkees has been a summertime-only hostel in an old ice-skating rink just behind Rotterdam Central Station. Unfortunately, due to city planning we had to leave this location. We kept the good memories, moved on, swapped the ice-skating rink for a former school building and right now De Mafkees is back on track, all-year round this time. And no worries: school’s out!

DSC_2558 DSC_2158

Since Rotterdam is an dynamic city, we figured it would seem fit to run a dynamic hostel. We’re always trying to improve things and add more features for you to enjoy. So far, we offer:

  • beds from € 13.50 a night*
  • 24/7 reception
  • guest kitchen
  • bar, open until 1am
  • free coffee/ tea and toast between 7:oo – 1o:ooh a.m
  • free wifi
  • lockers
  • lounge area with comfortable couches
  • table soccer
  • ping pong table
  • rental bikes
  • … more coming up!

*You’re welcome to bring your own sleeping bag. Linnen and pillows are available for a small fee!

* Remember to bring your ID or Passport and some cash money as we don’t accept card payments.